Create up-to-date application screenshots

Make changes to your application and screenshots will be automatically updated as well.

Philosophy: Simplicity, Best Practices and High Performance


What you get with

Create screenshots and update them with your product


A seamless integration with your app. Just run one command and screenshot will be up-to-date

Ready-to-use Components

Our components let you to create screenshot area, prevent floating elements scrolling into it or marking important parts


Devtools you will be able to preview screenshot before it will be taken

Excellent Speed

Speed-up your documenting workflow with fresh screenshots on every change

Authorization Agnostic

You can take screenshot in your current application. This will let you integrate into your existing projects

Open to new ideas and improvements will be improved and new features will be added

How it works

Step 1: Add config

Place scrshot config in your application. You can add authorization settings, screenshots destination and lot's more.

Step 2: Add components

Prepar screenshot area, mask floating elements and mark important parts of your app. Preview your screenshot using devtools be certain how screenshot will look like

Step 3: Run command

Let scrshot do it's magic ๐Ÿช„


Steps image


There is more inside

Boost your productivity with up-to-date generated screenshots


You decide what to include in the screenshot and what's not. No need for design skills - just code.

Programmatical screenshots

Taking screenshots is as easy as running one command. Environment can be configured for best-look of your app.

Framework agnostic

Support for multiple applications architecture. No matter if your product is SPA or MPA application.

Improve documentation

Your documentation pages are always up-to-date. Stop customers complaining about outdated screenshots

Open Source

Scrshot is open-source and can be contributed by everyone

Easy to use

Scrshot is tested and can be used in any project. Add it with 3 simple steps.

Scrshot +
Your project

Take scrshot for a spin and try it in your product. Let me know what you think and where you use it. I would love to know about your use case